Iranian Artist Kiani Speaks To Us About His Music, The Situation In His Homeland, And The FIFA World Cup, As Well As His New Single, ‘I’ll Fly Away’

Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, but born in a small town in Iran, singer songwriter and musician – and neurosurgeon – Kiani has probably packed more into his life than most of us would even dare to dream of doing. His new single, ‘I’ll Fly Away’, serves to highlight the situation in his homeland of Iran, as well as the attitudes in the FIFA World Cup, now being held in Qatar. We spoke to Kiani to get his thoughts, as well as to talk about his music.

Thanks for speaking to us Kiani!

Although you’re based in Russia, you’re an Iranian by birth, and ‘I’ll Fly Away’ serves the dual purpose of promoting peace between nations, but also to draw attention to women’s rights in your homeland. As you say, “Every WOMAN in the world has the right to be FREE and HAPPY!” What can we do to help the plight of Iranian women, and also for all of those who’ve been arrested and face an uncertain future?

I think that other nations can publish more news and information about Iranian protesters so that all the famous people and celebrities will understand and be affected. This way, you can support them emotionally and they will not feel alone!

We’ve also seen the death sentence declared on Kurdish rapper Saman Yasin, for his part in the revolution. How can we help in his plight (as at present we don’t know his condition)?

The government of Iran never liked creative people, because they can write or talk about freedom and government absolutely hates it! Therefore, you can’t know about Yasin or any other protester by official news – just by his family or friends!

Additionally, what do you think our attitude should be to the fact the FIFA World Cup is being held in Qatar this year? Should people from the west speak out about the country’s human rights infringements, or should we rather focus on peace through sport?

I think that FIFA from the beginning should have thought that there is a very closed-minded society in terms of tradition and religion in Qatar! And now….welcome to Qatar…Just don’t be offended. Qatar is not guilty and FIFA is guilty, therefore FIFA should answer to this question about the choice!!

You are both a musician and a neurosurgeon. How does it come about you can juggle both careers, and if you had to choose one, which would it be?

I always say that if you love one thing, you can do it! For example when I come back from hospital to home, I immediately and automatically take my TAR in my hands without thinking that I’m tired…then I usually make a melody!

I would choose medicine, because I think that medicine is the greatest kind of arts…you treat the people! It’s the most beautiful thing for me, when someone comes back to life by your hands.

What’s your favourite musical instrument to play?

My favorite musical instrument is TAR but I like electric guitar and violin also!

Violins sound like a human vocal… it’s so amazing, I think!

And finally, on a more light-hearted note, who’s going to win the FIFA World Cup this year?

I think that France will be champions again this year!

Thanks for the interview!

You can watch the music video for ‘I’ll Fly Away’ below. Find out more about Kiani and his music online on FacebookInstagram, and TikTok.

Kiani - I’ll Fly Away FIFA 2022 World Cup (Official Music Video)

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