NEW RELEASE: President Street ‘Tell Me Brother’

In anticipation of a mini-album release, President Street drops a sneak peek in the form of a new track ‘Tell Me Brother.’ The Australian pop duo, which consists of Pete Moses and Ruby Servinis, camouflages its effort to question the outdated forms of masculinity in a groovy rallying offering.

As the global battles persist and our societal pressures are at an all-time high, President Street turns internal concerns into compelling records such as ‘Tell Me Brother,’ and the last single ‘Heal’.

President Street explains the mission behind the ‘Tell Me Brother’ concept:

“We wanted to challenge the idea of what it means to ‘be a man’ and the concept of masculinity. We want to direct our message that – rather than being about violence and toxicity, TRUE masculinity is about being strong enough to lead through compassion and understanding and using strength to lift people up rather than hold them down.”

The Australian rising pop formation has elevated since last year’s dance-floor filling project, ‘Heartbreak Player’. With the release of ‘Heal,’ President Street works to analyse personal observations in their inward-looking songwriting. ‘Tell Me Brother’ has the fuel to spark critical conversations, and we like to see it.

‘Tell Me Brother’ is out now and is available on all streaming platforms here.

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