KRiTTA Knows His Worth And Thinks We Should Know Ours Too In New Single, ‘Deal Myself’

There’s a lot to take away from ‘Deal Myself’, the new single from KRiTTA. It opens with a somewhat mournful sax, and a deep, rumbling bass beat, that gets you right down below. While the lyrics are spare, they’re witty, and the puns will make you smile; add to that the music video, which shows a group of friends having a great time, and you’ll come away feeling both thoroughly entertained and inspired.

The repeated refrain of “I’m so dope I could deal myself” is a self-affirming pun. KRiTTA knows his street value: he knows he’s cool. If he was a drug he could sell himself. Later in the track he reveals a second mantra, “I’m so rare I could steal myself”. They’re both worth repeating, and we should all be as positive and believe in ourselves as much as KRiTTA.

With thunderous verses heavy with swag, KRiTTA wields words like swords and boasts with the best of them. He’s at pains to point out however that he’s not one of those rappers who flashes the cash and the gold chains; he’s a different breed. He’s one with a big brain and his lyricism leaves us in no doubt about this.

Although KRiTTA is from the Bay area of San Francisco, the music video for ‘Deal Myself’, directed by Sotrab, has been shot on Boyd Street, in Los Angeles’ Toy District. The camera sets the scene in black and white, lighting on faded graffiti, cracked pavement, iron bridges, and the people we’re shown fit the mood of the streetscape. Photographers, break-dancers, people on their phones, and record store shoppers searching for the best sounding vinyl. The LA we see is gritty, and real. KRiTTA is completely at home, whether he be rapping from the rooftops, sitting in the passenger seat of vintage cars, and spitting bars in the middle of the street. KRiTTA has a message to share, and we’re here to listen.

You can check out ‘Deal Myself’ by KRiTTA below, and follow the man himself online for more about his music on his official website, Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, and TikTok.

Kritta - Deal Myself (Official Music Video)

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