Ventresca Is Set Free From Her Bonds In The Video For Her New Single, ‘Sinner’

A dancer is able to take feelings and describe them beautifully without uttering a single word, telling an entire story, by way of their face and body expressing their emotions according to the music. If you’re also a singer, and songwriter, in addition to a dancer, then you’re a triple threat when it comes to perfectly conveying how you feel, and you’re also well on the way to having others relate to you on the same level.

Ventresca is such a threat, and her new single, ‘Sinner’, the follow-up to her 2019 debut track, ‘Craving’, serves as a showcase for her art. Starting out at Canadian Dance Unit, she later discovered her singing ability, which led her to The Royal Conservatory Of Music. Following the release of ‘Craving’, she came to the attention of Cindy Valentine, who recognised her potential, and signed her up. With the new single, ‘Sinner’, we see Ventresca’s star soar higher than ever before.

With ‘Sinner’, Ventresca reveals details of how she learned to see through her deceitful ex-lover. Once holding the key to her heart, they no longer gave her the butterflies she once felt, as she realises his sweet talk was all lies. With a soft yet powerful vocal performance, Ventresca puts him in his place, as she makes reference to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Ventresca is the one sinned against, and she emerges victorious.

The music video for ‘Sinner’ owes a lot to colour theory, with Ventresca’s purity and innocence symbolised by her wearing white in the romantic scenes. Her partner, played by Julian Mete, starts out in white, until his true nature is revealed, at which point he is shown in black, representing the battle between good and evil. Lit candles and a red wall behind them provide a splash of colour as a snake tries – and fails – to slither through. Red additionally serves to reinforce the themes of love and war in the song.

As Ventresca tells of how she has broken free, she wears black to show she is in control: her subtle dance movements showing she has authority. As she sets fire to one of the many papers laying around her, she is empowered, and truly released from the bonds of her ex-lover.

Watch the video for ‘Sinner’ below, and find out more about Ventresca and her music online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. ‘Sinner’ is available to stream and download here.

Ventresca- SINNER (Official Music Video)

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