Mychael Gabriel Releases New Pop Rock Single, ‘Let There Be Light’ – And Suddenly There Was!

Singer songwriter and producer Mychael Gabriel has had music running through his veins since his very conception. His parents met during Prince’s “Purple Rain” world tour, where Mychael’s father, Gilbert Davison was part of Prince’s personal security (later becoming Director of Security, Prince’s Manager and President of Paisley Park), and his mother Connie was Sheila E.’s road manager and co-lyricist. Mychael himself is now Sheila E.’s co-producer, lead guitarist, studio engineer, and collaborator.

All that musical history means that Mychael was never satisfied with just being on the one side of the mixing desk. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Mychael is also a singer songwriter, and we’ve reviewed his previous releases, ‘Honesty’, and ‘Ghost In The Midnight’, back in 2019, Now he’s returned with another instant classic, ‘Let There Be Light’, which precedes his upcoming album, ‘Genesis’.

Mychael Gabriel’s mission is to break down the barriers of what is perceived possible, and in so doing he is constantly evolving and innovating. With each release he brings in new elements of his experiences, resulting in a sound like no other. Mychael’s music undoubtedly has the Minneapolis style at its heart, but he’s also been known to reference the guitar stylings of Jimi Hendrix as well.

Some of Mychael’s previous work has been producing arranging, engineering, mixing, and playing for and with the likes of not just Sheila E., but also Stevie Wonder, Ringo Starr, Hans Zimmer, Usher, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, Beck, Earth Wind and Fire, and Gloria Estefan, just to name a few.

His work has also been featured by DreamWorks Animation, ABC Network, 2007 and 2012 Latin Grammy Awards, 2016 BET Awards, Super Bowl XXVI, 2020 Grammy Awards, and 2020 Grammy Salute to Prince. Over and over again, Mychael Gabriel has proven his merit and importance in the world of music.

Mychael’s new single, ‘Let There Be Light’, takes power from all these achievements, and serves as an introduction to those who have not heard his incredible sound before; a statement of purpose, as it opens up his new album. Just like God, Mychael announces a new beginning: he’s not comparing himself to the Almighty of course, oh no. But the allegory is certainly not to be avoided.

Opening with powerful guitar, much like pulling across a curtain, the stage is set for the song. Propulsive beats, heady rhythms, and that unmistakeable Minneapolis sound take over, in a tune that is as catchy as it is a great listen.

Mychael shows off his prowess when it comes to musical performance as well as vocals. An absolute funk master, he doesn’t stick to just one genre within the song, but instead, allows ‘Let There Be Light’ to shine with rock, soul, gospel, blues, and R&B – all at once. Speaking of the track, Gabriel said,

“‘Let There Be Light’ was like the awakening moment of a musical and spiritual journey that became the Genesis album. I really wanted to start the record off with a bang. When inspiration finally struck, it hit hard. I was able to write this song in about thirty minutes. Concept, story, purpose, and vision were such an integral part of this record as a whole. That is the common thread which I feel makes the whole multi-genre idea work. You need to have a compelling story to tell – and that’s what I set off to do.”

The music video for ‘Let There Be Light’ is just as entrancing as the song itself. Dressed in red from his head to his feet – even his instruments are red – Mychael embodies the spirit of light itself, set against a stark white studio background. He sings, he plays guitar and drums, and he kicks red balloons around the room – serving as much a visual metaphor for the notes he plays as the fun he’s evidently had from start to finish with the song.

‘Let There Be Light’ is out now, and you can watch the music video for the song below. Catch up with Mychael Gabriel and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Mychael Gabriel - LET THERE BE LIGHT (Official Music Video)

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