Litvar Are Lovelorn With New Single ‘No One Tastes Like You’

As Litvar’s lead vocalist, Rex Thurstan sings in the first verse of their new single, ‘No One Tastes Like You’, “Time’s a lost cause”. The band, from Willimantic Connecticut, may still be quite young, but even so they feel the heaviness of the passing days.

The song is as evocative as its title. A heartbreaking tale of coming to terms of the loss of a relationship, it works equally well as a barnstorming rock song. ‘No One Tastes Like You’ expresses romantic urgency, yearning, heartache, and a protest about fate’s cruel tricks. The love that was once there has now gone, and all that is left to take its place is bitterness and despair.

Litvar’s 2020 debut album, ‘The Greatest Movie Of All Time’, found them a fanbase that craved the musings of the energetic and smart group. The band’s duo of songwriters use the language of early 2000s online culture to address the generational confusion, aspirations, and the hardships of trying to maintain connections in this increasingly divided world. While other bands found themselves at a loss during the global pandemic, Litvar took it on the chin, and applied their candour and worldly wise gift for lyrical craft to their new project.

The clip for ‘No One Tastes Like You’ sees the group a united force to be reckoned with, as they walk down Main Street and through the back alleys of Willimantic, finally setting up to perform in the shadow of the town’s footbridge over the river. From the first downstroke of the guitar to the final clash of the cymbals, they show their fans and newcomers alike just what they’re about, and where they’re coming from. Today Willimantic, tomorrow the world. This is just the first taste; and nobody tastes like Litvar.

Check out the music video for ‘No One Tastes Like You’ below, and follow Litvar online to find out more about the band and their music, on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Litvar - No One Tastes Like You (Official Music Video)

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