Just The Two Of Us: We Speak With Pete And Chris Of Intruder 424 About Their Music, Their New Single, ‘Make It Out Alive’, And Their Inspirations

Following on from our review of Intruder 424’s new single, ‘Make It Out Alive’, we spoke to the brothers who make up the band, Chris and Pete Biggiani.

Thank you for speaking to us!

Pete Biggiani: Of course! Anytime!
Chris Biggiani: Anytime! Thank you for having us!

‘Make It Out Alive’ is such a powerful song – what was the inspiration behind the lyrics?

Pete Biggiani: I think we wanted to write something with a meaning behind it and that anyone could relate the “make it out alive” tagline to anything they are struggling with the mind set of always overcoming an obstacle. 

Chris Biggiani: Yes! I agree, I remember sitting down and writing these lyrics with Pete to the music we wanted it to be a little darker and about something or someone/something standing in your way or holding you back. I think we nailed the message we were trying to get across to the listener. 

When you’re writing songs, which comes first, the lyrics or the melody? Or is it something that comes together all at once?

Chris Biggiani: we usually start with the music first. We then focus on melody and lyrics. Pete usually has some form of an idea for lyrics and has an idea written and we sit down together to go over what we think fits best for the song at the time.

As brothers do you think your bond as a band is stronger than if you were a group of friends, or even strangers assembled from an ad?

Pete Biggiani: Chris and I have been playing music since I was 2 years old and Chris was 4 years old. We played our first gig together when we were just kids. So we’ve been playing music together in bands ever since we were young and we have such a strong bond on and off stage. So it is much easier then friends and strangers just getting together I’d say.

Chris Biggiani: Yeah it’s a no brainer! When we play together its super tight and effortless.

In a related question – you were both formerly a part of Kodiak – what was it that made you decide to go it alone? Has it been harder or do you think it’s a different experience?

Pete Biggiani: I think Intruder and Kodiak are two totally different things and while we love Kodiak and we still get together and practice this is something Chris and I both really enjoy doing!

Chris  Biggiani: I love both bands but right now. I think Intruder is where our mind is at for the moment. 

Who are your musical heroes, and why?

Pete Biggiani: There is a lot for both Chris and I. this is a hard question to answer for us both! One of my favorite drummers is John Bonham I love his style of playing and how hard he hits the drums. One of my favorite drum grooves ever is fool in the rain.  

Chris  Biggiani: My favourite guitar player of all time is Eddie Van Halen. I love his playing and his song writing. He’s totally an inspiration to me and my guitar playing.

Similarly, what 3 songs will always be on your playlist, no matter what?

Pete Biggiani:

1 Fool In The Rain – Led Zeppelin 

2 Hot For Teacher – Van Halen 

3 Black Diamond – KISS

Chris Biggiani:

1 I’m the one – Van Halen

2 Sad But True – Metallica 

3 Murder By Numbers – The Police 

And finally, what question would you most like to be asked in an interview, but so far nobody has? And what is the answer to that question?

Pete and Chris: We’ve so far never been asked what we like to do outside of the band and that is hang out with our dog Marv and take him to the beach! 

You can watch the music video for ‘Make It Out Alive’ below, and you can also follow Intruder 424 online on their official websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok. Stream and download ‘Make It Out Alive’ here. Make sure you also check out our review of ‘Make It Out Alive’ here!

Intruder 424 - Make It Out Alive (Official Music Video)

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