Milky Chance Are ‘Living In A Haze’ With Latest Pop Single

Milky Chance have been going from strength to strength since the release of their first single, ‘Stolen Dance’, way back in 2013, which took the world by storm. You’d never guess it though from their social media bios: the German electro-pop duo simply describe themselves as “two high school friends making music”.

Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch are so much more than that though. Sure, they’ve been making music since high school – but they neglect to mention it was as part of a jazz quintet. They were certainly well-prepared for the launch into stardom that ‘Stolen Dance’ gave them, and it’s certainly to their credit that they’ve not lost any of that fun and goofiness that they had from the start, which gave them free rein to create original music on the one hand, and amazing re-imaginings of tracks such as Tame Impala’s, ‘Lost In Yesterday’, or Harry Styles’ ‘As It Was’, both of which featured on their 2022 release, ;Trip Tape III’.

This year the duo are set to release their 4th studio album, as well as performing across North America in their biggest tour so far of that continent, doing an incredible 66 shows, including 48 with Young The Giant. On top of that they’re continuing to do their bit to help save the planet by way of their non-profit company, Milky Change.

Milky Chance’s new single, ‘Living In A Haze’, is the title track from their upcoming album, scheduled for release on June 9, and it hits just right. With their signature guitars, club beats, and Clemens’ vocals like a moody growl, ‘Living In A Haze’ is the perfect remedy for anyone who feels stuck in their life, wishing they could dance away all the pain and problems. The song serves as a reminder that we are never truly alone.

Speaking about the song, Milky Chance said, “Sometimes you lose track of what’s important, live day by day distracted and don’t really know how to get out of it. At the same time, it seems like everybody around you does not feel that way, life looks so easy when they do it and a desire builds up to have it just like that. So this one‘s for all who wanna be able to dance the pain away.”

The music video for ‘Living In A Haze’ well get you well on track to doing just that. More of a short film than a video, and a lot longer than their previous clips, we find it’s all a bit meta, where they’re preparing to make a dance number for a music video – within a music video. Rehbein and Dausch are part of the film crew, and wanting to get into the dance themselves, to shake off the blues. Eventually they let their daydreams take over, and they join in with the dance number, the final scene all Bob Fosse-esque as they stare down the camera. Shall we join them in dancing away our problems? Why yes. We shall.

You can watch the incredible music video for ‘Living In A Haze’ here, and find out more about Milky Chance and their music online on their official website, and Instagram.

Milky Chance - Living In A Haze (Official Video)

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