‘Alive’, The Brand New Remix From Blind Difference, Shows That Everything Counts

Meels, the vocalist of Blind Difference, pours every part of herself into her performance, as she sings, “I don’t see nothing that’s guaranteed / I respect the hustle to succeed” on the new single, ‘Alive’.

Every part of a Blind Difference song is with purpose: from each drumbeat to every phrase of the lyrics. Blind Difference take nothing for granted, and Meels considers every song to be an opportunity to make an indelible connection with her listeners.

The remix for ‘Alive’ showcases this approach, with hard ringing beats that are also eminently danceable, and bass piano and synth riffs that propel the mix forward. Meels rides the beat as she sings, using a combination of swagger and poise that’s entirely her own, while the lyrics are forthright and candid; clever, assertive, determined, and filled with personality. The result is a remix that seamlessly progresses from the original track, which was released in late 2021.

Not satisfied to merely be a singer and songwriter, Meels also directs the music video for ‘Alive’. She’s the focal point of every frame she’s in, and when she’s not she directs a team of dancers, choreographed by NC Dance District. The dance team is led by a young woman who shares the same fire and drive as Meels. The absolute motivation in the clip is palpable. Vigorous dancing, it’s a little bit aggressive, but totally sexy in its execution. At the start of the clip, Meels is working in an office; by the end she’s taking charge of the floor, mic in hand, singing her heart out. At one point, a shower of money falls from the roof of the set, and Meels doesn’t have to grasp at the bills as they fall. They’re rightfully hers, and everyone knows it.

You can watch the video for ‘Alive’ below, and check out for more about Blind Difference online on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Blind Difference - Alive Remix (Official Music Video)

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