Sp8ce Owl Takes Us To Another World With Latest Release, ‘Digital Breathing’

In another awesome video, Sp8ce Owl is able to fully teleport us to distant places beyond our imaginations. While his previous clips have seen him take us around the world, and into space, with the video for his new single, ‘Digital Breathing’, we go inside our very own bodies, and also inside the hardware of an android. As we see the complex circuitry of our own nervous system compared to the wiring and chips of a robot, we ask ourselves, are we really very different?

Sp8ce Owl’s trancelike EDM tracks take us out of ourselves, as they transcend the limits of our thinking and reasoning. With each release we are propelled into a fantasy world of his making, and we question what is real and what is not. By use of electronic sounds and melodies, Sp8ce Owl looks ahead to a future that isn’t too far away; many of the then fantastic ideas shown in The Jetsons, for example, 60 years ago have since become reality, and with George Jetson’s day of birth occurring yesterday, who are we to say what may not be possible in a mere 40 years?

While the world appears to be heading in a direction which sees robots becoming increasingly and impressively more humanoid, and immersive, live-changing technologies becoming every day features, ‘Digital Breathing’ makes us question what is reality. The instrumental voices become human-like, yet we are still able to discern that they are digital. In combination with strings, keyboards, horns, and percussion, we are able to comprehend how it’s possible for humans and the mechanical to work and live together in harmony.

Sp8ce Owl asks us to be cautious however. Just like we depend on our phones, and laptops etc, forging relationships with these digital devices, the clip implores us to beware that the cameras we rely on don’t replace our actual eyes, and our physical life and adventures are not displaced – and replaced – by a virtual existence that we don’t actually experience.

Watch the video for ‘Digital Breathing’ here and follow Sp8ce Owl and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Sp8ce Owl - Digital Breathing

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