Singer-Songwriter Sean Della Croce Releases New Single, ‘Rebecca Henry’, With A Video That Begins In A Beautiful Blur

‘Rebecca Henry’, by Sean Della Croce, is a gorgeous song that tells a story of the titular character Rebecca Henry. Whether she actually exists, or is merely a portrait of Sean Della Croce’s perfect woman, it doesn’t matter; in Croce’s hands Rebecca Henry is fully formed and beautiful.

Lyrics such as

“’cause she’s got a Walden Pond hidden around somewhere, I’m gonna find it and make a little sense”


“Rebecca Henry walks on the holy water that you drown in every day”

float out of Croce’s lips, as if she was reciting poetry rather than singing a song. Rebecca Henry doesn’t know her maker’s name: I believe I do, and it’s Sean Della Croce. Accompanied by subtle instrumentals, Croce’s voice leads us to fall in love with Rebecca Henry as well. And if our praise seems a bit over the top, the great Janis Ian has described Sean Della Croce as “one of the best young singer-songwriters I’ve heard.”

The music video for ‘Rebecca Henry’, directed by Brett Price and Connor Carroll, feels like a showcase for Croce and Croce alone. The focus is on the artist, as she sits on a chair against a beautiful green wall. She sings, she reads a book; and then we realise she’s not by herself. There’s a photographer as well, taking photos on a vintage camera, framing Croce in the ancient viewfinder. We see her face, and at times it feels like maybe she’s Rebecca Henry; or maybe she’s in love with Croce. She is mysterious and delightful. Our research tells us that her name is Laura E Partain, and she is a photographer in Nashville. Check her out here.

Watch the video for ‘Rebecca Henry’ below, and let us know what you think. You can find out more about Sean Della Croce and her music online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sean Della Croce - Rebecca Henry (Official Video)

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