Hakeem Prime Tell Us ‘Imma Let You Go’ With Stirring New Rap Track

Brought up in Oakland, California, with a background in Atlanta, Georgia, Hakeem Prime had no excuse not to get into music. Starting out using the moniker, “Hyphy Da Spider”, he changed it to Hakeem Prime in order to establish himself under a more personal name. “Hakeem” is his own name, while “Prime” is a reference to his passion for the DC universe. Hakeem’s new release, ‘Imma Let You Go’ is the follow up to his 2019 single, ‘Slip Up’.

Hakeem is dedicated to sharing his personal experiences via music, and by embracing them, he hopes that others from his community will do likewise. Starting out in choirs, he moved to become a member of Datpiff in 2012, and after which came a series of mixtapes, before his debut EP, ‘Signs’, from which the video for ‘Slip Up’ garnered 1.9 million views. Chasing his own inner peace, Prime makes it his mission in his latest single, ‘Imma Let You Go’.

‘Imma Let You Go’ examines how it’s difficult to love yourself and focus on your own self-awareness when you are paying closer attention to another person with whom you have a relationship. This can prove fatal to the couple’s bond, as it’s vital that each half of the partnership loves themselves as much as they love the other. Prime had such a situation in his life, discovering that the person he loved wasn’t there for him. From this experience he realised he needed to prioritise himself over all others, and that there will be people in his life who support his self-love journey, rather than tie him into negativity. Through ‘Imma Let You Go’, he hopes his audience will “feel self-love, have peace within themselves before trying to have peace and love for someone else”: this same sentiment occurs in another recent single, ‘Love Rants’, from his upcoming album, ‘Detour Two’.

The music video for ‘Imma Let You Go’ was directed by Prime himself, and it portrays that self-love can be found after the devastation of heartbreak. The track and video are cathartic for Prime, and allowed him to not feel tied down in a relationship, and free to love and surround himself with people that return the same well-deserved energy.

Watch the music video for ‘Imma Let You Go’ below, and find out more about Hakeem Prime and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hakeem Prime - Imma Let You Go © (Official Music Video)

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