Albert Cummings Has ‘Two Hands’ And He Knows How To Use Them

With ten albums under his belt in the last decade, Albert Cummings certainly knows how to give his fans what they want, in the form of his skilled mixes of country, rock, soul, blues, and above all, Americana. Latest single, ‘Two Hands’, from his most recent album, ‘Ten’, certainly fits the bill.

Combining incredible instrumentals with complex lyrics, ‘Two Hands’ will give fans what they’re looking for, and it demonstrates who Cummings truly is, where he’s at in his life, and how he managed to get there. And while Cummings clearly uses his own two hands, that’s not to say that ‘Ten’ isn’t a collaborative effort: from Grammy award-winning producer Chuck Ainlay to accomplished musicians including drummer Greg Morrow, bassist Glenn Worf, keyboardist Michael Rojas, and guitarist Rob McNelley, it’s a masterpiece from master artists.

‘Two Hands’ serves as a reminder to those who feel unmotivated and somewhat defeated; listeners will be inspired and uplifted by the energy of the country rock sound. Cummings declares how important it is to stick to your word, illustrating them with actions and above all, refuse to quit despite hardships. He declares, “I don’t know what the word ‘quit’ means; it’s a word I will never use,” and, “I say what I do, and I do what I say…I know what it’s like, working hard every day.” Listeners will be up and moving without even giving it a moment’s consideration, and they’ll take with them a new motivation to get everything done that needs to be achieved.

The music video for ‘Two Hands’ opens with energetic guitar and Cummings’ beaming smile. While shot in black and white, this in no way detracts from the clip, but rather, serves as a neutral setting for the enthusiasm of Cummings and his band. Likewise, the sunlight flowing through the barn windows behind the band, highlights the joy they all share.

It’s not just Cummings’ two hands which are feted in the video. Each member of the band is highlighted while they play and do their part in bringing the song to life.

Watch the music video for ‘Two Hands’ below, and find out more about Albert Cummings and his music online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Albert Cummings - Two Hands (Official Music Video)

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