It’s More Than Just A Whole Lot Of Hot Air With Gorilla Apocalypse’s New Single, ‘Tornado’

Gorilla Apocalypse is a musical collective brought together by Blue Collar Records. The members come from all walks of life, genres, styles, and backgrounds, and collaborate in the studio, making songs and albums that will get the party started. Their newest single, ‘Tornado’, sees singer/songwriter IZ.M.B. unite with beat producer Grizz La Flare, and lyricist Gary Bernard. We introduced you to IZ.M.B. recently with her solo release, ‘Recover‘ – now check out what she can do in a collab.

IZ.M.B. explains that Gorilla Apocalypse Gorilla Apocalypse is meant to have a revolving door of artists that can learn from one another while having a good time creating unique, powerful musical masterpieces. Certainly, they are building up something very special, from the ground up, with talented artists encouraging and inspiring each other with their enthusiasm, while sharing the lessons they’ve learned.

‘Tornado’ is the first single from Gorilla Apocalypse’s debut EP, ‘Blow Your Mind’, and it comes in very much like an actual tornado, with a sheer whirlwind of unpredictability. The lyrics were written quite some time before the group came together in the recording booth, with the collective deciding who would be the perfect pair to help the song reach its fullest potential. When the members of Gorilla Apocalypse joined forces to record ‘Tornado’ they had a spur of the moment revelation about the true meaning of the song. Just like the often unavoidable destruction of the natural event, toxic relationships evoke massive storms, leaving incredible mess behind.

The combination of La Flare’s groovy beats and IZ.M.B’s fun and edgy vibes ensured that ‘Tornado’ had found its perfect match, and, additionally, the joined forces of each artist’s fan bases, meant they had a hit on their hands.

While all this might sound a little bit clinical and orchestrated, there’s nothing new in talent pooling to make a hit record. ‘Tornado’ is a fun and catchy song, and its success will be certain in combination with the lyric video, which sees IZ.M.B. and Grizz La Flare represented by their own animated characters – IZ.M.B. is a cat, and La Flare is, of course, a grizzly bear. The lyrical chaos is matched fully by the clip, with a roller coaster pictured for the line, “A bona fide carnival ride”, while in IZ.M.B.’s favourite line, “You go from a roller coaster to a bathtub toaster, a desperado on a wanted poster” we’re shown the ride, the toaster, and a gorilla on a wanted poster. There’s plenty of fun and frolics throughout, and it’s certainly a song (and video) that warrants many replays.

Check out the video for ‘Tornado’ below, and follow Gorilla Apocalypse online at Blue Collar Records.


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