Denise Marsa Takes Part In A Galactic Rodeo With New Single, ‘FLOAT (The Cowgirl And The Alien)’

Singer-songwriter Denise Marsa transcends the stratosphere with her new single, ‘FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)’, taking us into a whole other world, along with a fab animated video.

While it might seem that cowgirls and aliens are the completely separate entities, Denise Marsa finds their similarities in her new single. Aliens defy the laws of gravity, and are from outside our atmosphere, while cowgirls are very tied to the earth. They do however both work on the frontiers, are on the fringes of society, and they are, in a sense, both explorers. Most of all, both require courage, every single day.

Denise Marsa identifies with both the cowgirl and the alien. She’s had a long and varied music career, and in that time she’s both explored the outer limits of her sound, as well as been a traditionalist, deep rooted in the basics of classic rock. She’s made waves both abroad and locally, in New York, where she makes her home, and she’s been both centre stage, and to the side; all the while she writes and performs with passion and persuasion.

‘FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)’, is a showcase of both sides of Denise Marsa. She’s the cowgirl, with the powerfully played classical guitar, blues-soaked vocals, and storytelling lyrics. On the other hand, she’s also the alien, with echo-ey synths and ambient sounds. FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)’ was produced by Marsa and her collaborator of the past two years, Janosch Roth, owner of Lautstumm Studios in Germany.
For the ‘FLOAT’ video, Denise Marsa and co-director Karolina Tyszkowska bring the cowgirl and the alien to life in an animated fantasy, which sees what should be an impossible romance become real. At the start of the clip, Celeste the cowgirl is alone on the range, a location that looks every bit like a lunar landscape. She meets Luna, the alien who makes her desires felt, and the two travel the world on her flying skateboard. Once they return home to Celeste’s ranch however, her family make it very clear they will not accept such a relationship, and the pair are made to feel unwelcome, with Luna returning to space. It’s a sobering end, and very poignant in Pride month.  

Watch the video for ‘FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)’ below, and follow Denise Marsa online for more about her music on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Denise Marsa - FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien) Official Music Video (Part 1)

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