It’s ’70s Somewhere’ – At Least In The New Single From Sp8ce Owl

Sp8ce Owl returns with another EDM hit, ’70s Somewhere’.

Although Sp8ce Owl is still relatively new to the music industry – he only publicly started sharing his tracks in 2021 – his debut EP, ‘A Future’s Past’ was received with a warm welcome, and he’s since built up a considerable fanbase, through his single releases, such as ‘Dancing In An Empty Room‘, which featured on his first long-player, ‘A Room Without Walls’. Now he is releasing tracks from his latest EP, ‘Quantum Fluctuations’, the first of which was ‘Miami 1987 (Earth 246)’, which we reviewed here, and his latest track, ’70s Somewhere’. Just like the previous release, it’s an excellently delivered digitised instrumental track, and should see this up and coming artist open more doors into the EDM world.

As to be expected from the title, Sp8ce Owl takes us back to the time of boomboxes and groovy synths; there’s a captivating rhythm that’s repeated throughout the track, while the backing track changes subtly, adding more depth each time to the layered instrumental, giving the listener a chance to discover something new with each listen. He builds up layer upon layer, climaxing with a rhythm that will have you up and dancing before you even realise it. The tune closes with a few more stripped back versions of the melody, before it fades to silence, while leaving the melody earworming in your head.

As with Sp8ce Owl’s other releases, the track comes with a psychedelic animated visual. We are taken back in time via a black hole, where we see life forms from all over the universe, dancing in their own way to the track, proving that, no matter where in space or time – it’s 70s somewhere.

Click below to watch the video for ’70s Somewhere’ and check out Sp8ce Owl online on their official websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram and TikTok.

Sp8ce Owl - 70s Somewhere (Official Music Video)

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