2018 Year Of The Woman: Nina Bench Gives A Personal Face To Agri-Tech In Thailand

2018 is shaping up to be The Year Of The Woman, and as a female headed site with a lot of female writers, and which focuses on a lot of strong women, we thought this should be something we get behind. During this year we will be focusing on women who are making a mark in their world, no matter what sector.

Our first feature is Suparatana Neung Bencharongkul, also known as Nina Bench. Nina is from Bangkok, Thailand, and is the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Rakbankerd Co Ltd, a subsidiary of the Benchachinda Group. She is an agricultural technology pioneer inher country, and leads a team of agriculture specialists who conduct tests, collate and analyse samples, and compile reports about the many different factors affecting agricultural production.
Wanting to spread the word about her work, and give people a deeper insight into what she does, Nina has launched a website, as well as social media profiles, giving a new platform to educate more people than ever about technological opportunities within the agricultural sector. It’s a unique but very positive way to show what she does, as well as a look into her private life, including inspiration on food, nightlife, lifestyle, fashion, and more. Suparatana is a successful young businesswoman who has a great deal to offer the world beyond her industry, and her Instagram profile in particular is the perfect platform for this.
Suparatana’s website includes a biography as well as information about her job as an agri-tech specialist, and details about her background and career. It also provides resources aimed at helping to educate farmers on how agri-tech can transform their practices, and raise their profit margins at the same time. Farming in Thailand is becoming increasingly competitive, and Suparatana believes her data-focuses research can help save the industry.
A speaker on Suparatana’s behalf said,
“The new website and Instagram have been created to help celebrate the role of a dynamic and passionate woman, making waves in a specialist and typically male-dominated industry. These contributions are often lost in the internal workings of companies, but can have a powerful, broader impact when shared with the public. Her expertise, research and insights are transforming farms throughout Thailand, and she has been instrumental in innovating new approaches. Now, if you want to find out about her work, you can simply visit her Website to find out more about Suparatana Neung Bencharongkul.”
You can find out more about Suparatana Neung Bencharongkul, aka Nina Bench, from her official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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