#Jedward’s John Grimes Gives Oasis Classic ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ An Acoustic Guitar Makeover In New Cover

If you’ve only just caught up with Jedward recently because of their consistently on point political tweets, or if you’ve only just discovered them, here’s a reminder that they make damned fine music as well. Not content to just sit back and let their incredible 2019 fourth album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ (all 22 songs of which they wrote and produced) do the work, John has over the past few years also released a series of acoustic guitar covers, showcasing his own musical and vocal talents outside of Jedward.

Jedward Congratulate Pal Ed Sheeran And Wife Cherry Seaborn On News They Are Having A Baby

It’s no secret that Jedward are great mates with Ed Sheeran, so naturally as soon as they were told that Ed and his wife were having a baby, the ‘Taste The Heat’ singers rushed to Twitter to break the news – even beating many media sites to the info.

Jedward Express Interest In Hosting Newly Announced American Song Contest, As Well As Writing Winning Song

The Eurovision Song Contest today announced that from next year there will be an “American Song Contest”, with similar format, but including contestants from all 50 states of the USA. Jedward, no slouches when it comes to both Eurovision AND America, today tweeted that not only would they enjoy hosting the show, but they would also like to write the winning song.

Jedward Say No To Toxic Masculinity: Dublin Singers Say It’s Time For Men To Look After Their Mental Health

Irish singer songwriters Jedward took to Twitter last night to express their thoughts about toxic masculinity. The twins have long been subject to abuse for their appearance and positive outlook on life, and feel the time has come to put a stop to it.

John Grimes Of #Jedward Releases Stirring Acoustic Cover Of Harry Styles ‘Falling’

Lockdown seems to be agreeing with Jedward, who are using the period to stimulate their creativity while they are in isolation in Los Angeles. For the second time this week, John has released a video of himself singing and playing guitar, and also for the second time, it’s a song by a former One Direction member – this time ‘Falling’, by Harry Styles, which was released earlier this year.

Dan Says – Week Nine

Brunch has got to be one of my favourite occasions of the week…kicking back with an avocado based something and an unusual coloured drink… that’s exactly what I had at the wonderful Melange Restaurants in Crouch End.

Captain Kirk Set To Save Planet Jedward

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. That’s what it felt like yesterday when William Shatner, best known among his many roles as Captain Kirk, in the Original Series of Star Trek – came to the aid of Jedward, whose verified Twitter account @planetjedward, which they’d had since 2009, has been suspended since mid October.

Essentially Pop Makes #8 Spot On Feedspot’s Top 25 Pop Music Website List!

Here at Essentially Pop we don’t do a lot of tooting our own trumpets, rather we just get on with it, writing about all your faves and highlighting a lot of artists that you might never have otherwise come across. But from time to time, something amazing happens that makes us really very very proud, and today is the occasion of one of those things.

2018 Year Of The Woman: Nina Bench Gives A Personal Face To Agri-Tech In Thailand

First in our ‘2018 Year Of The Woman’ feature is Suparatana Neung Bencharongkul, also known as Nina Bench. Nina is from Bangkok, Thailand, and is the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Rakbankerd Co Ltd, a subsidiary of the Benchachinda Group. She is an agricultural technology pioneer inher country, and leads a team of agriculture specialists who conduct tests, collate and analyse samples, and compile reports about the many different factors affecting agricultural production.


Twitter are excited to partner with Brisbane-based band Sheppard, giving you the chance to join in the fun and send in your own fantastic video inspired by the original, for ‘Edge Of The Night’. This could lead onto you and your friends being featured in a fan-made, special edition of the video.

MTV To Debut Original Content On Social Media With ‘Single AF’

Original content broadcasting started moving away from TV quite some time ago, with the advent of YouTube and other internet-based video hosting sites. Now with the rise and rise of social media, broadcasters are looking in other directions for fresh, unique approaches to share their programmes.

Jedward Send A Heartfelt Message To Manchester With Linkin Park Cover

Jedward send a beautiful and heartfelt message of love to the people of Manchester with an acoustic cover of the title track of Linkin Park’s new album, ‘One More Light’.

2015 The Year In Review and Looking Ahead to 2016

2015 has been a busy year for Essentially Pop.

Get Out Me Car! A Year Of Tish

A year ago yesterday Tish Simmonds went from a normal 19 year old to an internationally famous personality.

Essentially Pop Meets Jedward

Jedward have been in London this week promoting their new film, ‘Sharknado 3’. We got to chat to Edward – we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Essentially Pop Talks to James Poole

James Poole is a singer-songwriter with a voice that sets him apart from the rest. Described as being able to “stir the soul”, James…

Essentially Pop Meets Tish Simmonds

At Essentially Pop we usually just cover music, but as our strap line is “plus a little bit more”, we figure we can stretch the remit a bit every so often.

Essentially Pop Talks to Andy Ruddy

Andy Ruddy is proof that you can take a man out of a northern town but you can’t take the northern town out of…

Introducing: Reverse Order

Hailing from New Jersey, Reverse Order are a fresh-faced band who pack no punches.

Demi and Miley Friends No More

Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus have called it quits on their friendship. Miley is said to have dropped the Heart Attack singer after many years because Demi is no longer the party girl she used to be, and is now pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

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