Dan Says – Week Nine

Brunch has got to be one of my favourite occasions of the week…kicking back with an avocado based something and an unusual coloured drink… that’s exactly what I had at the wonderful Melange Restaurants in Crouch End.

I had this scrumptious toasted bread which was seemingly connected to a fried egg but the bread was not fried… I’ve actually spent the last few remaining days trying to work out the hypothesis of possibility of how they managed to attach an egg to a bread without frying it… will have to go back again and have the same dish and sneak the recipe out of a waitress. I was invited by my wonderful blogger friend Lora and we gossiped about boys and our past. It’s bewildering that I’ve known Lora three years but it feels like way longer… Life has sort of transfixed a series of obstacles and crossroads in our way but we’ve overcome them and it’s funny to see how we are now, when we remember so vividly how we were before.

I’ve really thrown myself back out there on the dating apps now… so will keep you updated with that and as it’s my last full week in my current job (before moving offices)… I expect to throw myself fully out into the dating world.

Will Young – ‘All The Songs’

Will Young - All The Songs (Official Video)

It’s funny that I was asked a few weeks ago who some of my favourite male singers were and I was a little breathless with a response as I couldn’t think of any…yet Will Young would be the main response. I’ve been a big fan of his since 2002 (his ‘Children In Need’ single was the turning point). Since then I’ve seen him live twice (well three times if you include ‘Cabaret’) and the last time I saw him live, I took my mother with me and she was so elevated with glee during the show, she tapped him on the shoulder when he walked past us…’All The Songs’ marks a welcome return for Will. He’s been absent from the music world for a while now and the songs feels like a return to form. I’ve actually had it on repeat since seeing Emma Bunton tweet that it was released on Friday…The track details association of music with a former lover and how hearing them can recall any given experience and I can say for sure, we’ve all been there.

Clare Maguire – ‘Vibe’


After a week for us to exhale the three releases from Clare this year (it gave me a week to drunkly message her a show setlist dream I have and my slight obsession with the track ‘Bring Me Flowers When I’m Alive Not Dead’)… Clare has returned with her fourth release ‘Vibe’. Now ‘Vibe’ is a refreshing, little summer ditty that feels very current… It feels like if it were released on the radio, there might be a rent-a-rapper stuck on the middle eight however there isn’t…which is perfect…It has that auto tuned cat effect on the beat and vocally, it’s an experimentation for Clare as it’s a lot more breathy and feels like she’s seducing us “I got love for the good life/Hollywood until the sun rise”. I may be inclined to suggest that the track has inspired Clare’s ongoing ‘Clouds’ playlist on Spotify that we should all 100% follow…

Emeli Sande – ‘Sparrow’


During the 2012 Olympics, you could not escape Emeli Sande. G-A-Y Late would play ‘Read About It Part III’ in full around 1am and everyone would lift their glasses up in sincerity…then there was the Olympics where she was on every 15 minutes…by the end of the Olympics I never wanted to hear another Emeli Sande song in my life..and I had never actually made the effort to listen to her previously…It wasn’t until 2017 when I turned on a Spotify-curated playlist that her track ‘Hurts’ came on that I was enthralled and became obsessed with the album that followed ‘Long Live The Angels’ and slowly presented myself at her O2 show (which was sensational). ‘Sparrow’ marks the first single from her forthcoming third album and it’s a BIG moment. It feels like Emeli’s move over to Gospel and it’s sensational. Her voice soars with this choir “were gonna take the long way home”. What a breath taking artist.

Tame Impala – ‘Patience’

Tame Impala - Patience (Official Audio)

My rule in life is… I’m not the biggest Tame Imapala fan but my future husband has got to be…I only came onto them after Rihanna covered them for her last album ‘Anti’ and then a guy I used to work with made me a Spotify playlist and put two songs on that I was hooked with and I saw this pop up and thought I’d check it out…and boy I’m glad I did. The track is sensational…it’s everything I love from Experimental Pop…I just want to be drinking from a flute in the South of France with this playing really loudly without a care in the world…”just growing up in stages/living life in phases”, the lead singer comes over this psychedelic beat.

Lauren Harries – ‘Upadoo’


I think it’s fair to say that this last week we’ve all been quite hooked on Lauren Harries’ Instagram/Twitter posts and whilst the whole thing is seemingly quite tragic, I have to say I’m super partial to her new track ‘Upadoo’. The track is a euphoric dance number about meeting up with a man and having sex with him…there’s something quite put together with the structure of the track with this string segment to it that feels a little ‘I Will Survive’ and the lyrics convey a strong, lady who puts herself out there to conquest but there is a undertone of sadness within the lyrics as she relays “all he wanted wanted was oooyou”…

So yeah… maybe I’ll take a leaf out of Lauren Harries book and put myself back on the scene…Who knows?


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