‘Nobody’ Is The Name Of AJ Smith’s Latest Single, Proving He Is A Somebody

If you’ve seen ‘Bridgerton’ – and quite frankly, viewing figures suggest that everyone HAS, you’ve likely wanted to somehow become a part of that world; the gorgeous period costumes, the forthright gallantry of the men, and the noble uprightness of the women. Sadly this is a mere dream for most of us, but AJ Smith does his best to recreate this largely imaginary world, in the video for his new single, ‘Nobody’.

AJ Smith is no ordinary pop singer: he has a heightened sense of irony, he’s playfully self-aware, and he has a gift for pop culture parody. He also knows how to approach the camera, and with his elegance, classical good looks, he’s the perfect start for this video.

With the song itself, ‘Nobody’ gives nods to the likes of Billy Joel and Elton John, while adding a little fun, a la in the style of Panic! at the Disco. Impeccable chord structure, and irresistible melodies are the perfect match for his witty lyrics and gorgeous instrumentals.

The video for ‘Nobody’ also parodies social media and clout seeking, attaching it to a tale of intrigue and romance. Lovers of period drama will be more than impressed by the attention to detail in this clip. Everything from the ornate sofas to the baroque mirrors to the smoking jackets and costume jewellery is to the letter, and the dancing – well it’s enough to get your petticoats in a twist.

Surrender yourself to the ecstasy of the video for ‘Nobody’ below, and follow AJ Smith online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

AJ Smith - "Nobody" (Official Music Video)

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