Alternative Hip-Hop Artist Shadez The Misfit Takes Listeners On A Tour Of His World Through His Latest Single, ‘SOUTH-SIDE SOLACE’. 

Embodied as a narrative through his own perspective, ‘SOUTH-SIDE SOLACE’ is a voyage along the critical moments that have made Shadez into the man that he is today. Glitching and varying rhythms build the foundations of this journeying path. There’s an openness in Shadez lyrics, a poetic honesty that deconstructs his life and love for living in South London. With vocals similar to Ghostpoet and similarity to the production of other experimental hip-hop artists like INJURY RESERVE, there is a clear and vigorous artistic direction that Shadez has set up for himself. One that is submerged in originality and is becoming an exhilarating project to follow. 

Talking about his love for South London and the reasons why he feels it’s truly his home, Shadez denotes “Living in South London pretty much moulded me into who I am today, from the lifestyle I was exposed to, to the slang, to be able to experience all levels of life, good or bad. It strengthened me from experiencing things at a young age and understanding myself but even more how your actions and the actions of others affect perspectives, lives, and even the path you choose later in life. It’s easy to get lost in the abyss and darkness, especially in South London, but it’s also a beautiful place to create the greatest moments. Flowers grow in the concrete here; the most amazing pieces of art are created by people of South London. There’s so much hope, love, and even better potential and I think that part of living here has impacted me the most. I’ve seen nothing become something, and South London embodies that daily.

Shadez The misfit’s work has travelled far beyond the corners of South London, of even the UK for that matter. His previous single ‘2B3’ was used behind Barack Obama’s segment in YouTube Originals’ ‘Black Renaissance’. Attracting praise from the likes of GQ, BILLBOARD, Rolling Stone and Complex only solidifies the rapper’s merit. 


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