With New Single, ‘I Sometimes Wish’, Estani Shares What We’re All Thinking

Estani Frizzell, known by the mononym of Estani. follows on her recent release, ‘Tell Me Why’, with her latest track, ‘I Sometimes Wish’, and in so doing puts into words what many of us wish we could articulate.

Originally based in Los Angeles, Estani is flourishing in her new location of Austin, Texas, where she has fostered her unique vibe and capacity for effortlessly crafting hits that blend Latin, jazz, and other styles into her soulful productions. Estani’s music is second to none, with no two tracks sounding alike, and consistently channelling the public consciousness, with songs about hard-hitting feelings that audiences naturally latch onto. The trailblazing clip for ‘Tell Me Why’ was recently nominated for Best Music Video in the LA Independent Women Film Awards, while the video for previous release, ‘Droughts in the Ocean’ was a contender for Best Music Video at the 2021 Montreal Independent Film Festival, making it to the last round of finalists. ‘I Sometimes Wish’ is certain to take Estani’s career even further, serving as a showcase for her immense talent, while at the same time showing a new side to her artistic potential.

Estani knows all too well the feelings of having to cope with loss and grief; she has lost five people dear to her over the past year. She knows the whirlwind of emotions that emanate, and the feeling that no matter how much time you have together at the end, or how much time has passed since, it’s never enough. ‘I Sometimes Wish’ pays tribute to those who have passed on, and Estani pours her heart out in this 90s style ballad, as she pulls up all her pain and sorrow in adjusting to living in a world where those people are no longer tangibly present. Estani’s sentimental lyrics share her journey of coming to terms with fate, and the song provides an outlet to digest the moments and events, and express her wish that they could still be here.

‘I Sometimes Wish’ shows a more stripped-down form of Estani’s vocals, while the video is beautiful in its simplicity.

The video especially honours Jenni and Steve, cutting between Estani’s performance, and home videos of the two friends who are now gone. After a difficult fight for survival, Jenni died from breast cancer. Meanwhile, Steve, whose life and heart were full of kindness and compassion, lost hope, and drank to ease the pain, with alcoholism killing him just two months later. whose life and heart were full of kindness and compassion Viewers will sympathise with Estani’s search for answers, insights, and the eternal “why” as she thinks and reflects on what has happened and where she is in reaching closure. Estani looks on the world outside her window, which will never be the same without the souls loved and lost, scrolling through old photos on her phone, thinking of better times with those who have moved on.

Watch the video of ‘I Sometimes Wish’ below, and find out more about Estani and her music online on her official

website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

ESTANI - I Sometimes Wish (Official Music Video)

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