J Temp 13 Is Feeling ‘Kenopsia’ With Latest Release

You probably won’t have heard the word “Kenopsia” before, but you’ll certainly have experienced the feeling. It’s an apt word to describe J Temp 13’s new single of the same name, the eerie, uncanny feeling of empty spaces that were once filled with life. Abandoned buildings, offices after hours, a sleeping city in the dead of night; even your old school after you’ve graduated and moved away. It’s a weird feeling, of longing, and loss.

John Templeman, aka J Temp 13, knows the feeling all too well, and he considers that we are all experiencing Kenopsia, as the places we know best have been abandoned, or reimagined so as to enforce social distancing. A rocker to his very soul, J Temp 13 most of all misses the clubs and music venues; on his new single, ‘Kenopsia’, he declares his allegiance to live music, and the togetherness we all feel when we’re listening to our favourite performers. He’s bent on beating that sense of alienation that has overcome live music, and pledges to get back on stage where he belongs.

‘Kenopsia’ is a relentless rock track, with overdriven guitar, pounding drums, and a lead vocals by Templeman that are full-throated and passionate. This is a song that NEEDS to be performed live – it’s everything we’ve missed over the past two years summed up in three minutes of good old fashioned rock music. The time is coming soon when it will get its moment in the sun.

Shot by Tarana Parekh, the beautiful lyric video for the song perfectly captures the haunting quality of abandoned and silent spaces, and truly brings to life the feeling of Kenopsia. We see the concrete halls of disused factories and the camera lingers on the quiet interiors, covered with graffiti and other signs of human habitation – but otherwise completely empty. Most wrenching of all are the images of empty chairs in concert halls. “Where do we play?,” Templeman screams, his pain and emotion evident. We’ll all be back there soon enough. I can’t wait.

You can watch the lyric video for ‘Kenopsia’ below and check out J Temp 13 online to find out more about him and his music. You can find him on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

J TEMP 13 - "Kenopsia" (Official Music Video)

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