It’s My Life: Arkadian Tells The ‘Life Of Arkadian’ In Latest Release

On ‘Life Of Arkadian’, Bronx based hip-hop artist Arkadian runs down the list of opulence he’s acquired over time: loads of money, beautiful girls, cars, expensive trips, designer clothing, and the trappings that come with hip-hop success.

Likewise, Arkadian is open when it comes to the perils of materialism: the threat of jealous enemies, how much living life to its limits can really disorient you. speed of life lived to its limits. “I could show you how to do it,” Arkadian warns, “but it’s at your own risk.” Sure, he might be exaggerating a little, but after all, hasn’t hip-hop always been built on swagger?

Is he exaggerating a bit? Maybe. But hip-hop was built on swagger, and Arkadian certainly has the skills to back himsel up, with tight, forceful bars, delivered with the conviction that comes from lived experience, and an authenticity that has inspired some of the biggest figures in hip-hop and R&B to collaborate with him, including Jim Jones, Juicy J, Chris Brown, and Papoose.

‘Life Of Arkadian’ sees him sustaining his rhymes for three glorious minutes; his quick fire flow, grimey rhymes, and magnificent hook all work together to create an incredible track. He clearly owes a debt to those New York rappers who’ve gone before, such as 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and so on, but just as evident are his nods in the direction of Southern hip-hop production and trap music.

Likewise, the video too nods to the nationwide contribution to his influences. For half of the clip, we see Arkadian rapping in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge, while in the other he’s shown taking a stroll down Ocean Drive in South Beach giving rhymed come-ons to a young woman. He looks just at home no matter the location, whether he be stacking up the money on the hood of his sports car, or buying ice cream and candyfloss outside the Art Deco Carlyle Hotel in Miami. One thing’s for sure: Arkadian is a rapper for all seasons, and he’s about to take his place in the front rank of contemporary hip-hop artists.  

Check him out on his website, Twitter, and Instagram, and watch the clip for ‘Life Of Arkadian’ below.


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