REVIEW: Harper Starling ‘Say My Name (Why Don’t Ya Babe)’

Coming off this week’s Valentine’s Day and Self-Love Day, Harper Starling’s newest single, ‘Say My Name (Why Don’t Ya Babe),’ surfaces at a perfect time. There is never enough empowering music, especially by someone like Starling, whose story is inspiring and quite frankly worth an audience. 

Just a while after the track begins, you will hear the mature, confident voice of Harper Starling, a Los-Angeles based singer/songwriter who’s making her way over to the UK  to support the super-boy band The Wanted on their arena tour. 

‘Say My Name (Why Don’t Ya Babe) is a testament to Starling’s growth and turbulent journey. It is not only an upbeat, empowering song. The track symbolizes the singer’s ability to go against all odds and excel at it. At eight years old, her diagnosis with Tourette’s Syndrome could have turned her world upside down. But all her symptoms miraculously disappeared once she stood on a stage. If this doesn’t scream with faith, I don’t know what does. 

Starling sings: “All I ever wanted, all I ever needed was to love myself.” Via this message accompanied by a dance-pop beat, Harper delivers a mix of best of both worlds – a dance bop with an underlying vulnerability.

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