NEW ALBUM: Ty Brasel ‘Destiny: Vol. 1’

The new project ‘Destiny: Vol. 1’ from Memphis-born and raised rapper Ty Brasel is bound to challenge the classic themes of hip-hop with vulnerable lyrics and a message of hope with underlying rapid-fire rhymes, melodic hooks, hard-hitting beats, with a lead single ‘On Me’ at the forefront of the record that navigates through the weight and responsibility of his life’s calling – music. 

Throughout this 13-track long album, Ty Brasel does not shy away from bearing his soul with the hope of changing at least one life for the better. Growing up on the outskirts of Memphis, Brasel was exposed to unhealthy lifestyles and eventually surrendered to bad habits. After being dragged down time after time, the rapper found himself in a jail cell, wishing to live life and strive. 

Once he’s found his calling, he put his everything into rapping and creating music that has the power to help, not just entertain. ‘Destiny: Vol. 1’ combines catchy hooks and empowering lyrics with ‘All I Got’ as a prime example: “It’s a cold world, but that’s alright, we’re going to make it through the hard times,” Brasel ensures his fans they are not alone in this. 

For someone who has looked the devil straight into his eyes, Ty Brasel managed to come out of the dark tunnel with a purpose and an audience that is listening. On ‘Call Me Up,’ he says, ‘there’s a war in my mind’ while offering a helping hand ‘if you need anyone to listen to you, call me up.’ 

For anyone craving a reality check with some hard-hitting beats, ‘Destiny: Vol. 1’ is for you. 

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