Marc DiNero feat. WunTayk Timmy Tell Us – ‘Don’t Do That’

If there’s one thing that Marc DiNero has, it’s flow. It’s what marks an MC as being a true hip-hop master, and it effortlessly picks up the listener and transports them from verse to verse. In his latest single, ‘Don’t Do That’, DiNero’s flow stands out as the undeniable highlight of the piece; and that’s without taking anything away from the expert production and mixing, and incredible hook. As soon as Marc starts rapping, you’re caught in his spell, and he’s not planning on letting go of you any time soon either.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Marc DiNero has already established himself locally as someone to look out for. And with his world-class talent and superstar charisma, he’s going to be taking the rest of the planet by storm soon too, with ‘Don’t Do That’ the track that’s going to do it for him.

‘Don’t Do That’ is relentless in its swagger, that gives it an underground classic quality. The artist raps with the utmost confidence, yet it’s not all bravado, there’s some slick humour in the track as well. Marc has partnered with fellow Louisville MC, the very talented WunTayk Timmy, who is known for his savage punchlines, and his collaborations with Bryson Tiller. He fits perfectly with DiNero, the pair perfectly complementing each other’s vocal styles: while DiNero is forceful, and bullseye precise, WunTayk Timmy is more relaxed, more dreamy, almost hypnotic. There’s an exciting chemistry to their sound, as they show that flow can take many shapes and forms.

The music video for ‘Don’t Do That’ is just as energetic as the song itself, with Marc DiNero and WunTayk Timmy each taking turns to face the camera. Directed by Steve Squall, the pair give us a showcase of their respective, yet complementary styles. DiNero is fresh AF in his bright red tee and Sox cap; Timmy meanwhile is in a backwards cap, all black and backlit.

The whole clip is a party, and we’re not just talking about Marc and Timmy. There’s balloons, dancers, and even a clown with long hair. None of them are the stars of the show, but they’re still a part of it all. In the end though, it’s all about Marc DiNero and WunTayk Timmy, as it should be.

Check out more about Marc DiNero and his music online on his official website, Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.

Marc DiNero - Don't Do That ft. WunTayk Timmy (Official Music Video)

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