It’s A ‘No Thank You’ From Money Coach

Born in Cleveland, but now based in Chicago, rapper Money Coach knows all the pits and perils of modern life. He knows that when temptation comes, you’ve got to look at it straight on and say – as in the name of his new single, ‘No Thank You’.

A Money Coach needs to have a sharp mind, clear vision, financial prudence, discipline, discernment – and a sense of humour. The rapper of the same name sets up all the possible obstacles one at a time, and turns away from every single one of them. No thank you!

All of this is done with a wink and a smile, using clever wordplay and a straightforward delivery. He knows that the best way of coping in this complicated world is to do it with a light touch and to never take yourself too seriously – and to always recognise trouble when it approaches you. On the track we hear Money Coach saying no to the likes of drugs, cheap sex, violent solutions, and bad deals which are only designed to separate him from his hard-earned cash. He successfully avoids them all, and by the end of the track he’s not lost a single dollar.

Money Coach’s words are certainly worth heeding, and the music world has sat up and taken notice, with the artist being invited to perform the past few years at the likes of SXSW, the House of Blues, Atlanta Hip-Hop Day, the Revolt TV Conference, and many other venues and events. It might be his preacher-style charisma, or maybe it’s his creative energy worthy of an entrepreneur, but whatever it is, it’s evident every time he opens his mouth. Money Coach gives a commanding stage performance in addition to being an incredible recording artist, and he’s looking forward to once again being able to take his show on the road.

The video for ‘No Thank You’ is colourful and uproarious, as it dramatises the song’s narrative, giving Money Coach plenty of room to make his presence felt. Money Coach is confronted in turn by a gun-toting thug, an enthusiastic twerker, and the Devil disguised as a record company executive, and he manages to escape them all, with his wagging finger and outstretched hand conveying his disdain for such things.

Check out the clip for ‘No Thank You’ below and find out more about Money Coach and his music online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Money Coach - No Thank You ( Official Video )

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