COMING SOON: for KING & COUNTRY ‘What Are We Waiting For?’

Bringing a hefty dose of hope into the gloomy month of January, for KING & COUNTRY reveals the release date of the fourth studio album, ‘What Are We Waiting For?’, out on March 11th.

On top of unveiling the title of the fourth studio album, for KING & COUNTRY shares a new music video for ‘Unsung Hero’. Even though the duo is known for creating encouraging music, ‘Unsung Hero’ is the most personal track yet. And wait until you see the accompanying visuals featuring Joel and Luke and their parents to whom the song is tributed.

for KING & COUNTRY gives us a taste of what the 13-track long project will entail: “What’s been particularly beautiful about this album is that we were able to be home with our families while making it,” share Luke and Joel Smallbone. “We cannot wait to now take more new songs on the road, to see you out there and make new memories with you all!”

Throughout the duo’s extremely successful carer that includes winning four GRAMMYs, for KING & COUNTRY mostly prides itself on the ability to bring people closer ‘TOGETHER’, like a previous single about the strength of unity in the face of diversity.

There is more where that came from, don’t forget, March 11th!

for KING + COUNTRY - Unsung Hero (Official Music Video)

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