Ain’t No Party Like A ‘House Party’ Says KO

KO is nothing if not versatile, dividing his creative talents between being a barber, contractor, sound tech, singer, and music composer and producer. He’s also shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with in R&B and pop music, and the Courtland, Alabama artist has done it again with his new single, ‘House Party’.

KO grew up surrounded by music and was constantly singing and making gospel music with his parents and six sisters. It was a short step from there to teaching himself how to produce, arrange, and edit music on his own. Then, having discovered his unique voice, he transitioned from gospel to a more popular modern sound.

In 2015 KO released his first R&B album, ‘Addendum’, which gave him the opportunity to perform at Alabama’s largest music festival, Annual Bay Fest, alongside the likes of Wiz Khalifa, B.O.B., Ludacris, and many more famous artists. These days KO lives in Huntsville, where he is a family man, visionary, and jack of all trades. A self-proclaimed perfectionist who pays keen attention to detail in everything he puts his mind to, KO’s love and care for people and the work he does is evident in all he does, and especially in his music.

‘House Party’ is the perfect feel-good track for these days when we are still beleaguered by the Covid-19 pandemic, and are choosing to skip going to the club, in favour of staying at home. With smooth vocals and light-hearted lyrics, KO’s ‘House Party’ has a message about being happy, and having fun. It’s a departure from the usual dark subject matter of R&B, but it’s a welcome one, with KO fusing carefree catchy pop rhythms with the depths of R&B.

KO shines a light on the perks and must-haves for any great house party: the exclusiveness of the guest list, the delicious food options, the selection of good music to be played, and the freedom to party as long as you want, with no closing time. Rapper Jeremy Young, who just happens to also be KO’s cousin, appears on the track with his effortless flow, and KO outdoes himself with the arrangement and production of the track, setting it up to be an instant party hit.

The accompanying video starts with KO getting ready for the party, and camera angles make it feel like we’re in the room with him. He takes the last of the food out of the oven, then sets up the dishes for all the guests to serve themselves. He welcomes the DJs and sets up the finishing touches in the party space just in time for his beautiful wife to arrive. The newly wed KO soon reveals that this big event is entirely for her. Everything – from the food and music, to the red carpet and 360-degree photo/video booth is there just for the two of them to enjoy. The sweet video ends with KO putting a blanket over his wife after she has fallen asleep. Gorgeous!

You can watch the video for ‘House Party’ below. Make sure you follow KO online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

KO - House Party(Official Music Video)

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