Jake Inzerra – ‘WHATCHUGOT’

Jake Inzerra strode out of the negative and toxic home environment in his native Connecticut, and sashayed his way to New York City on his six-inch-stilettos. Finding comfort, acceptance, and passion in local theatre production, the homophobic attacks of his school classmates were cast away like a forgotten memory. Jake isn’t just a singer or a songwriter, he’s a performer, who strives to please and entertain his audience, and he certainly does this with his new single and music video, ‘WHATCHUGOT’.

Jake Inzerra has worked with amazing producers the likes of Mikaelin’ Blue’ Bluespruce, Akira Shelton, and Roman Molino Dunn, and he models his style after such icons as Troye Sivan, Ariana Grande, and Britney Spears. While he focuses on pop music as his main style, his goal is to empower his listeners, and remind them that love is more powerful than hate, and to provide a role model for those who need it.

The music video for ‘WHATCHUGOT’ captures the mental anguish experienced by Inzerra; it’s raw, it’s unrefined, and it’s purely Jake through and through, as he defies society’s dictates that showing emotions is considered a weakness: his aim is to change that narrative. Jake lets his mind run wild, and rather than avoiding his sensitivities or ignoring them, he instead comes face to face with them, and through his eyes we see directly into his psyche. Although the battles he’s faced are prevalent, those he’s overcoming are becoming more evident, and are visualised as flashes, echoes, mirrors, and kaleidoscopic colours.

Watch the music video for ‘WHATCHUGOT’ below, and find out more about the incredible Jake Inzerra and his music online on his official website.

Jake Inzerra - WHATCHUGOT (Visualizer)

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