Debut Album Launch Proves Kris James To Be One To Watch For In 2022

Kris James took to the stage at the Liverpool Hope Street Hotel last Wednesday evening to give the biggest performance of his career thus far – the one which would officially see his debut album, the self-titled Kris James, triumphantly into the world.

Opening with his summertime bop, ‘Naive’, and backed by a full band and impressive line up of backing vocalists, Kris James immediately changed the atmosphere of a gloomy Liverpudlian day into one of celebration and pride. Battling against the odds, Kris James has overcome a lot on his journey to the top – which he details in this opening number about recovering from betrayal. His maturation as a person and an artist are evident in his nonchalant attitude and the clear hindsight he has gained since then.

Next up was the powerful ‘I’ll Be Here’, one of Kris’ most beloved tracks from yesteryear. It’s a clear marker of how far he’s come, and it’s with nostalgia and pride that Kris returns to this number. ‘One Last Picture’ and ‘Unhappy Anniversary’ are the two new tracks from the album, which have never been played live before. They show the intimate side of James’ music, the heartbreak songs which leave us floored with his vocal and emotional performance in equal measure.

The encore – because it’s not like Kris James to leave us on a down note – consists of party numbers ‘Get Back To Love’ and ‘9 Lives’, both of which get the crowd moving and dancing along with the musicians onstage.

It was a night of pure celebration and triumph for the born and bread Liverpool superstar – and, we hope, the first of many in an illustrious career in pop music. Listen to Kris James’ album below, and keep an eye on his socials if you want to catch him live soon!

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