Nané – ‘Seventeen’

Austin, Texas has always welcomed unique people, unique ideas, and unique sounds, and if you make music there, like Nané and their new single, ‘Seventeen’, you won’t disappoint.

The new single is from Nané’s self-titled debut album, which is an electrifying fusion of psychedelic funk, raw disco, sweet soul, indie R&B, leftfield Latin music, outer-space sounds, alternative hip-hop,’ 70s-inspired sophist-pop, among other genres. ‘Seventeen’, is deliciously unclassifiable, alternative music – from the first beat to the final cymbal crash, it’s thoroughly infused with the personality of Daniel Sahad, the star and the focus – but that’s not to say the rest of the instrumentalists in the group aren’t also worthy of celebration.

The clip for ‘Seventeen’, co-directed by Sahad, perfectly illustrates how tough the Covid-19 quarantine has been on everyone – but in particular people like Daniel, who have a natural high energy. He’s been warned to stay off the streets, but when he gets a text message from an attractive young woman, he finds it impossible to resist. Soon, he’s out the door, where the streets are deserted of everyone but people in hazmat suits, and when he reaches the home of the woman he’s chasing, he discovers to his horror that her intentions are considerably more sinister than he expected them to be.

Nané can be found online on their official website.

Nané - Seventeen - (Official Music Video)

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