Ben Abraham Releases New Single ‘Requiem’ As He Announces Headline London Gig.

A requiem in its literal sense would suggest a solemn chant for the repose of the dead but this song, for me, is more about the laying bare of a soul and the requiem for things passed and laid to rest rather than bodies. A song of new beginnings and putting things into perspective. St. Augustine teaches us that the ultimate purpose of education is turning towards God and that the way to God was to look into oneself. Introspection is the beginning of a journey towards God and there is reference to this and a need to have been more in touch with those teachings than the thoughts and reactions of the angry.

It’s a song of far reaching honesty about the process of pouring out your heart and soul to those who might be ready to judge, about the loss of that innocence. It’s a song that is solemn at its skin but joyous at its core and is a wonderful follow up to the superb last single ‘War in Your Arms’.

Ben says:

“I used to be a leader at my church in Melbourne but I made a mess of things in a pretty big way. There came a day I was made to sit in a room full of people and confess my sins. Somehow the experience was both traumatic and euphoric — it became a huge turning point in my life. And that’s when I wrote Requiem.”

The stunning video is striking in its simplicity. Shot in NY, it underscores the introspection of the song but also celebrates the breaking free from those ties. The trauma and the euphoria that Ben speaks of is clear in the beautifully sequenced video.

Along, with this release Ben has announced his headline London gig at a venue which will perfectly complement the artistry of his songs. Omeara is in the heart of the City of London and with a capacity of just over 300 offers the perfect intimate venue to discover this outstanding artist. Ben will appear on Thursday, 9th September, 2021 and I’m sure this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the artist up close and personal. It has great acoustics, a friendly vibe and booking early is a must.

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