Spider Rockets – ‘Rip Your Heart Out’

The Bayshore, although closest to New York City, is probably the least-known stretch of coast in New Jersey, on the very northern edge of Monmouth County. It has its own communities, beaches, amusement parks, traditions, and of course its own distinctive musical sound. Those from New Jersey however, have long recognised it as being the cradle of many great hard rock bands; those who will do whatever they can and perform wherever they’re able, in order to get their message out.

Spider Rockets, who make their base in Hazlet, NJ, are a great example of this attitude, and their new single, ‘Rip Your Heart Out’ will have you investigating what else this band has on offer.

While Spider Rockets are every bit as independent as they can possibly be, they’ve built for themselves a dedicated national following, who love its unique sound, which combines two-fisted blues rock, classic Turnpike metal, alternative music, noisy punk – as well as a smattering of pop, too. Their latest album, ‘Along Came A Spider’, is their fifth, and it could be said it’s their most self-assured, not to mention most raucous, as well. Frontwoman, Helena Cos has a voice that is well able to hold its own against the sonic assault of Spider Rockets; for ‘Rip Your Heart Out’, she’s given it even more welly, thanks to producer Dan Malsch, whose name you might be familiar with for his work with Tantric and Doro.

‘Rip Your Heart Out’ is a cautionary tale about love gone wrong, and it’s been paired with an anime video, brought to life by director Roman Fernandez.

Much of the drama takes place at a seaside amusement park, where, cleverly, the thrill rides stand in for the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship. Sure, if you’re not from New Jersey you’ll still get the concept, but it certainly helps if you are.

Watch the video for ‘Rip Your Heart Out’ below, and check out more about your new favourite band Spider Rockets and their music, online on their official website.

Spider Rockets - Rip Your Heart Out (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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