Omar Veluz – ‘Do You Really Wanna’

Los Angeles native Omar Veluz is a recording artist, professional dancer, and designer, a triple threat who’s always up for a challenge, including turning around his genre and style completely when darkness and aggression is called for. His latest single, ‘Do You Really Wanna’, was created specifically for the horror feature film, ‘Scare Us’, and as a result, Veluz’s horizons opened, and he was able to experiment with a genre he never thought he’d have the opportunity to explore.

Veluz’s upbeat personality shows in his dance music, and his energetic Spanish ballads; so when he was approached to create a song which is effectively a complete 360 to his usual style, it was a challenge, but one he felt up to. ‘Do You Really Wanna’ is filled with all the suspense and drama from the ‘Scare Us’ film, as well as the horror movie language common to that particular genre. While the song is hair-raising and nerve-wracking, playing with our senses, making us question our surroundings, the video for ‘Do You Really Wanna’ takes us that next step further. The video is set in the lair of a murderer who is plotting for his next victim; surrounded by skulls and questionable emblems, viewers get to see a small percentage inside a serial killer’s mind. Veluz pulses and convulses in the sight of the killer, but when unmasked, it’s revealed that he himself is the face behind the disguise. Veluz asks, “Will you face what’s in the mirror staring back at you?” We are left with a cliffhanger and the unanswerable question: what’s scarier, yourself as the victim or yourself as the terror?

Allow yourself to be spooked by the video for ‘Do You Really Wanna’ below, and check out Omar Veluz’s official website to find out more about this incredible artist.

Omar Veluz - Do You Really Wanna feat. Ivan Mendez (Official Music Video)

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