Jojo Engelbert – ‘Grown Up’

From early childhood Jojo Engelbert has always been surrounded by popular entertainers, beginning with her siblings, whose nationally syndicated variety programme, ‘Ariel & Zoey & Eli Too’, was followed by a social media audience of millions. It should come as no surprise then that she never once doubted that her destiny also lay in entertainment, and her irresistible personality and gorgeous voice, from appearances on Ariel & Zoey & Eli Too as well as its companion programme, ‘Steal The Show’, ensured her introduction to her own fans. While not entirely ‘Grown Up’, at 14 Jojo feels she’s well and truly ready to shoot for the stars, with her new single.

Jojo’s still keeping it in the family though. Eli Engelbert, the title star of ‘Ariel & Zoey & Eli Too’, who also writes, produces, and arranges music as YETIBEAR, alongside Shawn Platzker and Jillian Slade, has written for his younger sister a song which highlights all her strengths. ‘Grown Up’ serves as a showcase for Jojo Engelbert’s electrifying singing, while carrying with it a serious message, one which Jojo believes in. It’s a song that shares the angst so many young people feel, at not quite fitting in with the “in crowd”, and addresses the optimism of what is to come in life. ‘Grown Up’ also contains a sharply worded message to the mean people out there, and serves as a reminder to all teenagers (and grown-ups, too) that we should never indulge in comparisons with our peers. Everyone is the star of their own story.

In the clip for ‘Grown Up’ we see Jojo as she commands the camera, whether she’s wearing grown-up clothes, or dressing like the kid she still is. The director is her dad Matt Engelbert, which would definitely have helped Jojo’s confidence, but she’s got enough natural magnetism and presence that we’re sure she’d have done just as well with anyone else.

Watch the music video for Jojo Engelbert’s new single, ‘Grown Up’ below, and catch her star as it rises by following her online on Instagram.

Jojo Engelbert  - Grown Up (Official Music Video)

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