Jack Ryan- ‘Like a Fire’

While we can’t yet say that live music is back, many artists have, during the Covid-19 pandemic, found ways to bring their music to their audiences. Since the easing of restrictions, Connecticut native Jack Ryan has been bringing his joyful pop-rock and country-rock songs to outdoor venues, beer halls, backyards, and any where that will let him perform. While we’re still wary about what yet lays ahead, we’re ready to smile and sing and dance again – and thankfully Jack Ryan, with his new single, ‘Like A Fire’, is up for that challenge.

‘Like a Fire’ is the anthem we didn’t know we needed, and with it Ryan is waking us up and calling us, as if to Church; but instead of a bell, he’s doing it with his jangling guitar, clever lyrics, an incredible chorus that hooks us right in, and a soul-filled vocal performance. He calls, and we come running. And it’s not just the music we’re wanting to hear; the song itself is equally relatable, with the inspiration being the frustration of finding an online dating match, only to be ghosted after weeks of texting. Jack Ryan’s fans will be pleased to know ‘Like A Fire’ follows on from his heartfelt 2020 track, ‘Just Want to Talk’, as it expands upon the musical ideas of that song. If you’re not familiar with Jack Ryan’s music however, don’t despair – ‘Like A Fire’ is as good a place as any to start.

Directed by Greg “Lil Goop” Potter, the gorgeous video for ‘Like A Fire’ is a reminder of where we’ve been. He captures Ryan, alone, making the most of a lovely evening by a lake. His surroundings are peaceful: the trees, the lights on the water, the canoe that he rows effortlessly as he sings, running through the trees with his guitar, circling a fire, dancing and singing. His focus is on us, the listener, he’s inviting us in to hear his story. We’re completely alone with Jack Ryan, interrupted only by his dog Arrow, who proves to be just as excited and exuberant as his owner.

Watch the video for ‘Like A Fire’ below, and find out more about Jack Ryan online on his official website.

Jack Ryan - Like a Fire (Official Music Video)

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