Squirrel Flower “Hurt A Fly” 

Ella Williams, performing as Squirrel Flower, knows exactly who she’s meant to be, and has known that for a very long time. Massachusetts native has known since she was 8 years old that she wanted to make music, and growing up in a house where music flowed from every direction left a massive impression on her. By the age of 14 Ella had already learned how to play the guitar, and was writing her own music. Taking her inspiration from her friends, family, and a Led Zeppelin album which literally moved her to tears, Squirrel Flower’s sound began to blossom. Her latest single, ‘Hurt A Fly’, taken from her sophomore album ‘Planet (i)’, is an exquisitely gorgeous release from this talented artist.

Rich and grungy, ‘Hurt A Fly’ is an indie ballad that will make even the coldest heart of any listener melt. You’re won over by the rich honied rhythm, laid alongside a classic sound, but it’s the lyrics which will truly captivate you, and release a a new dimension to the song. Ella sings of miscommunication between two people, writing from the perspective of someone who’s always gaslighting. Guitars grow in intensity, while Ella’s powerful yet soothing vocals glide over every note.

Likewise, the music video for ‘Hurt A Fly’ is also rich and warm, just as the music sounds. Opening with Ella waking up in a large plastic ball dressed in an all-red space suit, we soon follow her on a walk through the woods, while still remaining in her ball. The camera quality becomes distorted, making Ella’s golden curly hair catch every ray of the glowing light. the video ends with Ella walking off into the sunset and the music playing out. It’s a fascinating clip from a fascinating artist; we can’t wait to see what Squirrel Flower gets up to next.

Watch the video for ‘Hurt A Fly’ below and find out more about Squirrel Flower from her Twitter.

Squirrel Flower - Hurt A Fly [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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