Raphaël Angelini – ‘Revolutionary Étude, Op. 10, No. 12’

Raphaël Angelini doesn’t limit his talents to being exclusively a classical musician – he’s played all kinds of different compositions – but no matter what genre of music he plays, when he sits down at the piano to play a piece, he does so with the confidence of a virtuoso and the energy and presence of a rock star.

Franz Liszt, who was venerated as a bit of a megastar in the nineteenth century, would certainly approve of Angelini’s powerful performance of the ‘Revolutionary Étude’, which was composed for solo piano by great Polish composer Frédéric Chopin, and dedicated it to Liszt, knowing he was probably one of the few musicians in Europe who was in possession of the skill required to play it. Indeed, “Revolutionary Étude” requires spectacular dexterity from the pianist’s left hand, as well as incredible strength and speed, and absolute independence from the right hand. The left hand must play a quick and tricky rhythm while the right hand dances wildly to a different beat at the top of the keyboard. To watch it played properly is a physical delight as well as a musical one.

Angelini’s talent thankfully is up to scratch and he plays it just as Liszt would have. Every note he strikes is precise and passionate, he’s in complete command, and he has total understanding of the music. The video of Angelini in action allows all of his magnetism and musicianship to be put on display. Shot from several different angles, the camera on his fingers reveals his superb technique, his precise articulation, and his facility with passages that have humbled generations of pianists. Meanwhile the side camera shows Angelini’s face and his look of absolute concentration and sheer pleasure. Another camera is fixed on the hammers and strings of the piano, and not only does it reveal the majesty and beauty of the instrument, it also testifies to the force and sheer power of the pianist’s hands. If it were possible to have a video of Chopin and Liszt doing their thing, then maybe, just maybe, it would look something like this.

Watch Raphaël Angelini’s fingers make magic on the piano in the video below. Find out more about this incredible artist and his music from his official website.

Raphaël Angelini - “Revolutionary Étude”, Opus 10 - n°12, Chopin (Official Music Video)

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