The Gillum Bros – ‘Sticky Note’

In the video for ‘Sticky Note’, the latest single from The Gillum Bros, a beautiful woman leaves one brother (Keith, the singer) for another (Ryan, the piano player).

One Gillum gets the girl, while the other sits, dejected, on his bed with a sticky note on his head that says, “lonely.” It’s a cheeky acknowledgment of the sort of rivalry that exists within every family.

In real life of course these brothers are anything but rivals. Keith is the velvet-voiced crooner whose melodies radiate passion, pain, and poise, while Ryan is the expert musician and arranger whose whip-smart compositions incorporate elements of power pop, soundtracks and show tunes, cabaret, classic rock, and whatever else catches his ear.

Together, they make an unstoppable force: an old-fashioned songwriting team with ideas and sounds that fit on any contemporary playlist.

Find out more about The Gillum Bros from their official website. You can watch the video for ‘Sticky Note’, below.

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