Lea Michele And Darren Criss Speak To EP Ahead Of Smash Hit Stage Show ‘The LMDC Tour’

Glee stars Lea Michele and fellow cast member and Emmy winner Darren Criss will be bringing their smash hit stage show, The LMDC Tour, to the UK. Expect a lot of fun, excellent showman and a little bit of comedy as the pair grace you with show stopping tunes including favourites from Glee, popular musicals and the blockbuster movies. In an exclusive chat with they reveal how the tour has gone so far, their favourite song to perform together and more.

Darren, congratulations on winning the Emmy. You were phenomenal in the ‘The Assassination Of Gianni Versace’ show.  Have things gone a little crazy for you since?

No any more or less crazy than I already than makes my life to be constantly.  Lea knows this very well but I’m very touched by the idea that people around me think that things have got more insane but I’m insane already.  If anything, the Emmy’s were kind of a break from all of that.  I got to put on a suit, go to a cocktail party and shake hands and just sit there.  That’s a very fun experience that doesn’t require me to do any work at all.  It really does tickle me when people think that  is stressful.  I’m like, nah, I don’t do anything, I just hang out and have a good time. At the moment I am putting a new project together, mixing a new record with my brother, making sure the staff at my bar in LA are okay and planning a wedding, so things are no more crazy than they already were.

How has the tour been so far?

Lea: We’ve just finished our US leg and it was really fun and exciting. I’ve really always wanted to do this kind of show with Darren and so the fact that we were able to put it all together and get out and meet some of our fans, we’ve had such an awesome experience, and we’re coming to the UK at the end of November and we really can’t wait.  I think we’re so grateful for our fan base overseas who have been so supportive of us, you know all through Glee and post-that experience so we just want to come and bring this show to them and have a really great time.

What is your favourite song that you’ve performed together on the tour?

Lea: I think one of mine is, I love doing ‘Don’t You Want Me’ from Glee because I have such a great memory of Darren and I doing that on the show together. It was the first song that we ever sang together on Glee so to do it in the concert and see the audience just loving it and singing along means there’s such great energy with that, so that’s definitely my favourite.

Darren: It’s kind of hard for me.  I don’t really have any favourites, I just enjoy all of them, because every audience is different in that everybody wants to hear a different thing so my idea of what I’m enjoying is 100% defined by the experience that we’re having.

And who is the worst behaved on tour?

Darren: Me.

Why? What do you do Darren?

Darren: I make like the British and I enjoy having a great time.

Do you go partying together then?

Darren: No, I’m being a bit cheeky. I’m very proactive about travelling and about seeing places and I’m a very social animal so I’m lucky to say I have a lot of friends in a lot of the places we’re going to. I have a lot of friends in the UK and when I go to these towns I go to my favourite bars and my favourite restaurants to see some of my friends and go out with them so, this is all just a work vacation for me. I also love getting to meet all the fans as well and we’ve got to a point where a lot of the folks that we see at these shows are people that we’ve seen before that we’ve met, so  you’re kind of reconnecting and checking in with them.

How do you spend your downtime on tour?

Lea: I’ll relax and watch Netflix or I’ll run myself a hot bath and cook myself a nice meal and drink a glass of red wine. That’s my idea of a good night.

Tickets and tour dates are available here. Find Lea Michele online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can buy her merch here. Find Darren Criss online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Buy Darren’s merch here.

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