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Michael Lanza last hit our page back in January, with his collab with rapid-fire rapper, Chow Mane, ‘Islands‘. Now he returns with ‘Friend’, an incredibly upbeat and catchy new pop song.

‘Friend’ serves a mirror to the current mood of the US – it’s welcoming, and with big claps throughout giving it a feeling of “togetherness”, as if we’re all singing together and clapping along even if we’re far apart.

The pandemic has given us a new kind of loneliness and isolation unlike anything before, with no idea when it’ll end, and because of that, songs like this are so important, acting as an extra reminder that you’re not alone and that there are people in your life you can turn to. Michael Lanza knows that we all need a friend, and he’s singing about the most special friends of all: dogs!

The track was inspired by a family vacation to Half Moon Beach where they brought their dog with them, and he was reminded of how loyal dogs are.

“They are the best friends we can have. The song is really about friends of all kinds but thinking about the relationship between humans and dogs is what inspired me to write it,” he says.

The song started out as a voice memo, but Michael quickly turned it into a full song. He produced the track himself, and the instrumentals include acoustic guitar, synth pads, and big boom clap drums. We hear his stunning voice as it glides over every note faultlessly, while the words he sings are exactly what everyone needs to hear. That someone is there for you no matter what, and they’re not going anywhere.

The music video for ‘Friend’ starts with a close-up shot of Michael as he sings the first words of the song. Light gold feathers start falling from nowhere, while a golden light shines down on him. Throughout the video, we follow a couple and a sturdy, strong man as they spend the day with their four-legged friends. On one end, we see the couple and their pup as they run through the parks and cuddle on the couch. On the other hand, we see a tattooed man going on an endless road trip with his best friend. Whether it’s about a human friend or a furry friend, this video is sure to warm your heart until the very end.

Watch ‘Friend’ below and find out more about Michael Lanza and his music online on Instagram.

Michael Lanza - Friend (Official Music Video)

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