Top 5 Iconic Gambling Quotes from Movies

Stars of the silver screen often deliver inspirational quotes and I’m sure we all have our favourite, from “I’ll never let go Jack’ in Titanic to “Here’s looking at you kid” in Casablanca, and while there may be millions of different genres and quotes to choose from, the most iconic are gambling related even if you don’t know it – James Bond springs to mind! Even Paul Newman, said “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned” and it’s this very sentence that sums up the world of gambling.

Quote Number One:

In 2005, Two for the Money graced our screens, a movie starring Al Pacino (Walter Abrams) and Matthew McConaughey (Brandon Lang) and after suffering a career-ending injury, Lang turns to sports gambling as a way of making money. And this very film became known for the following quote by Abrams:

“You know the best part of the best drug in the world isn’t the high. It’s the moment just before you take it. The dice are dancing on the table.  Between now and the time they stop, that’s the greatest high in the world.”

Quote Number Two:

You’d never in a million years think of Star Wars being remembered for a gambling quote, but in 19080 when The Empire Strikes Back was released, of all the scenes and lines in the movie, it was this exchange between C-3PO and Han Solo that became iconic: C-3PO:

“But sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to one.”

To which Han Solo replied:

“Never tell me the odds.”

Some like to bet blind, some like to know the full stats before placing a wager, and it would seem betting blind was very successful for the space explorers, but in reality, only when you know the odds will you know how you can win, which you’ll discover on!

Quote Number Three:

Over to The Hunger Games now where in 2012, Jennifer Lawrence and a series of young adults would battle it out in a dystopian world to stay alive. A very unusual lottery game plays out where if your number is drawn, you’re required by law to fight, where you had a 1 in 24 chance of survival. The evil lottery spawned the quote:

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour!”

But what does that really mean? If the odds are in your favour it means you’ve a really great chance of winning, but if they’re not, you may as well give up now!

Quote Number Four:

The Croupier saw Clive Owen (Jack) deliver one hell of a performance as an aspiring writer who falls out of love with the art of words, so, to deal with his writer’s block, he decides a career change is needed. The change sees him leave the pen behind for a role as a gambling croupier in the 1998 British neo-noir film directed by Mike Hodges. A stunning gambler: Marion, who has run out of luck spots the suave croupier and reveals her plan; she wants his help in planning a heist at the casino and it led to this memorable exchange:

Jack: “Gambling’s not about money. Gambling’s about not facing reality, ignoring the odds.”

Marion: “I must be a fool – I never think about the odds.” 

Quote Number Five:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (based on the 1964 book by Roald Dahl) is a children’s movie and one you would never associate with gambling, but it was a specific exchange between Charlie and his Grandpa Joe that stuck in our minds. We all know how the plot of this movie goes, but to recap, Willy Wonka, the owner of a massive chocolate factory, hid five golden tickets in his chocolate bars and only those with the golden tickets would be treated to a tour and an unlimited supply of chocolate. Charlie is from an extremely poor family and hopes to win to pull his family out of poverty. The odds of winning were millions to 1, so no chance, but this is a movie, so you know it’s inevitably going to happen, which then leads us to this exchange between Charlie and his grandpa:

“I’ve got the same chance as anybody else, haven’t I?” said Charlie, to which Grandpa Joe replied: “You’ve got more, Charlie, because you want it more.”

If only winning the lottery was that easy huh!

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