The Tennessee Werewolves – ‘American Dream’

The Tennessee Werewolves take classic American country music, with all its darkness and perfect harmonies, and add high energy tunes when they’re singing about those low points in life. The latest single from the trio, ‘American Dream’, released via Verado Records, is stripped down heartfelt angst, which comes with a near guarantee that you’ll be sobbing.

Comprising Angel Mary on vocals, with Christian Wolf and Antoine Wolf taking the drums and guitars, they describe themselves as “if Rock’n Roll and Country Music had a baby” – there’s definitely an untamed southern soul in there, and it’s what got them featured in Billboard, as part of Nashville’s next wave of country rock.

Angel Mary’s vocals are poignant and heartfelt, coming in on a wave of pain as she sings about how she “drinks the pain away” and the danger she’s in as her “heart has been tossed around”. The trio are a well-oiled machine – Angel Mary slams down the chorus – “You wanna have a happy life / you wanna be a happy wife / but you’re alone”, while Christian and Antoine take on a killer groove which is nine parts rock to 1 part country. It’s an “American Dream” which is sadly more often fact than fiction.

The video sees the trio in a rustic, tumble down ghost town set complete with an “American Gothic” style church and desert surroundings. All is not as it seems however, they’re on set making a music video. The shoot has been taking way too long, and they’re getting frustrated. Eventually they take over, and Angel Mary even lays one square on the jaw of the director. It certainly seems to be what’s needed, as everything is sorted out and everyone’s happy again.

Check out the video for ‘American Dream’ below. You can find out more about Tennessee Werewolves and their music online on their official website.

The Tennessee Werewolves "American Dream" (Official Video)

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