Lesibu Grand – ‘WFS’

Afropunk.com described Lesibu Grand’s latest single and video, ‘WFS’ (aka ‘We Fucking Suck’) as “the punk anthem we need”, and “an instant classic”. Likewise, Punkblack.com said that ‘WFS’ “wields the truth like a chainsaw – literally”. We’re saying it rocks, and is nothing short of an anthem for the Atlanta-based truth-teller and social justice fighter.

Lesibu Grand tells it like it is, and calls out policy makers for not doing enough to deal with the problems happening in the USA. Nothing is sacred, nothing is not held back on – from Covid-19 to criminal justice, housing, poverty, gun control, and voting rights, Lesibu Grand punches at every single issue, while frontwoman Tyler-Simone Molton lets everyone know how she feels, as well as how she thinks. She’s not alone: the track has been picked up on Spotify playlists like New Punk Tracks (172K Followers), Fresh Finds: Rock (50K Followers), and Indie Rock 2020 (46K Followers).

As we’re watching the votes still being counted, on an unbelievable day three since the US Presidential Election, it’s easy to understand Lesibu Grand’s frustration. As Tyler-Simone shares,

“We were deeply disturbed by what we were seeing as the Trump era dragged on, and we wanted to express those feelings in a song… There were so many issues flaring up that we decided to address them all in a very direct way, as the best punk songs always do.  As we thought about the hot button issues in America today (gun control/violence, housing, poverty, healthcare, voting rights, and criminal justice), we realized that we, as a country, were not even trying to fix these problems and concluded that we can and should do a lot better. So we said, ‘wow, right now we f’ing suck’ and the song was born.”

The video for ‘WFS’ was made virtually, often using Zoom, and making use of green screens and home editing. Tyler-Simone is dressed in a blue cheerleading uniform, complete with blonde pigtails, and grunge makeup. She’s shaking her pom-poms to the beat, before dancing in front of the White House, and in the Oval Office itself. From that point, the video goes into high gear with newspaper headlines and more clips of Tyler-Simone rocking out on her mic. Then suddenly – all change, with the next clip showing her in a blue dress with glasses standing in front of a chalkboard while telling the children how America sucks. Later she rocks out on a fiery, hot pink chainsaw, which they call the #truthsaw, before ending with Tyler-Simone in her cheerleader outfit once again, laying dead in a field of black and blue roses, with black tears and a mask over her face. The punk anthem plays out on one last chord and carries out until the screen goes black.

‘WFS’ is the anthem you’ve been waiting for – it’ll make you want to stand up and dance to and scream the words at the top of your lungs, and stand up and fight the good fight, for what’s right.

Watch the video for ‘WFS’ below. You can find out more about Lesibu Grand and their music online on their official website.

Lesibu Grand - WFS

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