Lesibu Grand – ‘Hot Glue Gun” (PLS PLS RMX)’

Lesibu Grand keep dropping videos every other month, and we just can’t get enough. The incredible new wave/punk band from Atlanta already dropped the original version of ‘Hot Glue Gun’ back in December, which was a punk anthem unlike any other with the clip showing frontwoman Tyler-Simone Molton poking fun at the people in power from inside a retro video game. Now, with the PLS PLS remixed version of ‘Hot Glue Gun’, the song takes on an EDM vibe while not losing any of its punk attitude.v

Lesibu Grand – ‘Miranda’

The video for ‘Miranda’, by Lesibu Grand, looks like it was a lot of fun to make. It’s got costumes which shift from 1950s suburbia to space suits which look as though they’ve come straight out of ‘Lost In Space’, or ‘Star Trek’. Filming locations are lush as well, opening on a beautiful mid-century modern house I’d not say no to, there’s also a fair bit of green screen as well, with the couple in the clip flashing between their average American dream to travelling in time and space – complete with rayguns.