Lesibu Grand – ‘Miranda’

The video for ‘Miranda’, by Lesibu Grand, looks like it was a lot of fun to make. It’s got costumes which shift from 1950s suburbia to space suits which look as though they’ve come straight out of ‘Lost In Space’, or ‘Star Trek’. Filming locations are lush as well, opening on a beautiful mid-century modern house I’d not say no to, there’s also a fair bit of green screen as well, with the couple in the clip flashing between their average American dream to travelling in time and space – complete with rayguns.

‘Miranda’ centres on a couple who are trying to hold it all together, but they find themselves arguing over stupid little things. They’re bored, frustrated, and want more in life. Suddenly this becomes their reality, as a shift in the time-space continuum unites this bickering pair in a battle against an unseen foe.

Taking inspiration from Pixies, Bossanova, and Trompe Le Monde, ‘Miranda’ is all strong guitars and drums, with a spacey, theremin sort of sound in the opening few bars, linking the song to the accompanying clip.

Lesibu Grand was originated by Tyler-Simone Molton and John Renaud, who first bumped into each other in June 2017, and discovered they shared an interest in synth-drenched indie-pop, and, settling into an intense songwriting session, wrote an entire album’s worth of tracks in just over a month. The duo brought in Brian Turner on guitar, Lee Wiggins on drums, and Chris Chase on keys, and Lesibu Grand – named after Tyler-Simone’s middle name – was complete. Their debut single, ‘Hush Hush’, was produced by LA based DJ and producer, Christian James Hand, and examined themes of self-doubt and insecurity in the modern world. ‘Miranda’ ups the ante slightly, by taking a deeper look at relationships, and asking if we’re doing ourselves any favours by trying to keep up appearances:

“Does mid-century suburban American life suck the vitality out of relationships?  Do we need a common enemy in order to really come together?  Or, can we stay in love simply by maintaining  inner fantasy lives, hoping our passions are warmed by the glow of distant stars?”

‘Miranda’ comes ahead of Lesibu Grand’s debut EP, ‘The Legend Of Miranda’, set for release on 4 October. You can find out more about the band online on their official website, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

Lesibu Grand - Miranda

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