Christopher Watson – ‘Truth Is’

Florida-born, LA based rapper, Christopher Watson, has a strong message to share in his latest single, ‘Truth Is’. Wearing a sweatshirt in his video, emblazoned with the slogan, “Protect Black Women At All Costs”, you are left in no doubt as to what he’s trying to say. But even without that, he ably gets his point across with his music.

In everything Watson does, his integrity and social conscience shines through. His songs are warm, intelligent, welcoming, and immediately appealing. In these troubled times, Christopher Watson appears as soothing as the Balm of Gilead.

The music video for ‘Truth Is’, has in part a timeless quality; urban cinematography, a live show with all its excitement; the commanding screen presence of the artist. But then you have the gritty reality of 2020. Watson watches on his smartphone, footage of protests following the police killing of Breonna Taylor. He performs on the streets, all the while, wearing his mask against the pandemic – his mask declaring, “No Justice, No Peace”. As he’s rapping, he locks eyes with a woman in the crowd, whose mask declares the same message. Connections happen even in times of trouble.

Watson, alongside his musical partner Bri Strauss, captured the hearts of millions in the past spring as the winners of ‘The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart’, a musical spin-off from the popular dating show. While his sound is soulful, he is no less intensely passionate, and with songs like, ‘Truth Is’, he expresses that fearless self-examination, and honesty, that illuminates all of his work. He reminds us to seek out the truth, regardless of how much it’s been hidden, and to stay faithful to the cause, no matter what troubles come our way.

Oppression is everywhere and in many guises, while the privileged are hardening their hearts. Christopher Watson knows that he is able to touch and change them with the power of his music, and demonstrates that compassion is a commodity that has infinite value.

‘Truth Is’ follows on from Watson’s album, ‘Time Changes’, which he released in January.  You can watch the music video for ‘Truth Is’ below. Find out more about Christopher Watson and his music online on his official website.

Christopher Watson - Truth Is (Official Music Video)

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