Ruby Ryan – ‘Phosphenes’

‘You Could Move In’ is the debut EP from Ruby Ryan, a singer songwriter who hails from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The record is characterised by melancholy rhythms and emotionally bare tracks, no less so than ‘Phosphenes’, a straight ahead, no holds barred, exercise in doomed romantic storytelling.

The six tracks on the EP see Ryan cover the gamut of stylistic ranges, including folk in ‘Slow Dive’, electropop in ‘Funeral’, and even funk-rock in the deliciously-titled, ‘Green Tea’. But ‘Phosphenes’ is the place to start, with a realness about the track that’s felt in every part of it. Imploring lyrics, a six-string guitar that pulls at your very soul, and her voice, which catches as it expresses the hope, and frustration at the missed connections with the object of the narrator’s desire. It’s fully relatable to any of us who have had an unrequited affection; or even if you’ve been caught up in a difficult relationship.

The clip for ‘Phosphenes’ is equally beautiful, and is filled with the glory of suburbia in the autumn. Falling leaves, fading flowers, even the crisp breeze is palpable in the video, signifying time running out. Ruby co-directs with Alex Tichy, and they follow the dramatic romance of a couple who find it impossible to disguise their emotions…because they are wearing massive papier mache heads. It creates quite a striking contrast to the otherwise very ordinary suburban surroundings, as well as some tension. The underlying message is brought to the forefront – when you’re young and in love, you feel both larger than life, and incredibly exposed at the same time.

Watch the video for ‘Phosphenes’ below, and find out more about Ruby Ryan online on her official website.

Ruby Ryan - Phosphenes (Official Music Video)

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